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Brand Afrique Limited offers integrated branding solutions to our highly esteemed customers. Our organization is a one-stop shop for your branding needs.


We understand that organizations like individuals have unique characteristics. These characteristics are summed up into their identity. We specialize in expressing these unique identities to the world.


We do this through unique identity creation, manufacturing of world class internal and external signs, Cladding of walls in choice colours, provision of awards and recognition items, as well as Provision of Promotional materials and quality prints.


Our team is made up of tested and experienced professionals who have been part of the implementation of several world class brands in Nigeria and other countries spanning over two decades in different capacities.

Why Brand Afrique Limited


We have a team that thinks out of the box. We are trained to begin every project with the end in mind and this reflects in the quality of services rendered to our customers.

Product Quality

We insist on very durable material inputs, well thought out production process, quality control structures and a shared understanding that any product coming out from our organization must surpass customers expectation.

Customer Satisfaction

We understand clearly that the customer has options. As a result, we ensure that from inception, the expectation of the customer is clearly communicated to us. We then deploy our expertise in ensuring that we offer branding solutions to address the identified need. Engaging our customers for us is a way of life.

Use of Technology

In Brand Afrique Limited, we insist on using recent computer-based machines to replace the old but archaic methods of manufacturing. This saves us time and ensures that we offer brilliant products to the admiration of all that come in contact with us.

Training and Development

In our industry, the only way to remain on top is through constant training and exposure. We encourage a reading culture and we invest in the human capital development of our people. This includes the conventional knowledge transfers as well as exposures within and outside our shores.

Product Support

We have a product support unit whose main function is to ensure that your product continues to help express your brand long after purchases were made. This maintenance team’s dedication has earned us a lot of appreciation from the clients.

Our Gallery