Our Services

Corporate Identity Designs

Standing out from the crowd is a dream every business owner desires to accomplish. Ensuring that there exists a positive emotional attachment between a product/organization and its target audience is where every business wants to get to. At Brand Afrique Ltd, we do not just create logos that are Simple, Memorable, and Timeless but we also ensure that they are Versatile and Functional.

This task usually starts with our Our Gallery taking a brief from the client. In this meeting, we usually ascertain his product/service offering, mission, vision, perceived competitors and alliances as well as any other preference of his in terms of colours, articles or objects of particular significance and the likes’

We then go ahead and conduct a research on the concerned product, service or entity. With all these findings we articulate not just the logo, but the corresponding identity designs and in most cases end up with a brand guide or brand manual.

This manual serves as a guide for any one expressing the brand to ensure uniformity and consistency across all touch points no matter the medium.


One of the most effective media of brand expression is the signage. It exposes your brand 24/7.

Starting from the Pylon Signs that are installed at the entrance of buildings to address the driving public, to wall signs, house identification signs, internal signs, safety signs as well as lane markings. We design, manufacture, install and maintain “Signs that are of world class standard”.

It is not just that we are passionate about the signs that we produce, we equally insist on employing recent technologies in our field to ensure that our products compete favourably with any other from any part of the world.

Beyond our ability to manufacture bespoke signs, we equally have structures on ground to install and maintain signages at different parts of the country and West African sub region, hence Roll – out jobs are a familiar terrain for us. We have a maintenance department whose responsibility is to ensure that your signs are functional and aesthetically pleasing at all times.

Wall Cladding

For us in Brand Afrique Limited, wall cladding has evolved to be a potent tool employed by brand custodians and project managers to significantly separate their brand from the crowd. We transform Aluminum Composite Panels of different colours into exterior wall patterns.

Some benefits of wall cladding includes:
Being Weather Resistant, Protecting the Walls from deteriorating effect of Acid Rain, Its Lightweight, Sun Resistant and it doesn’t fade over time.

Whether it is internal wall branding or external wall cladding, our seasoned professionals will transform your building even if it is an old one.

Point of Sale Material branding & Promotional items

Point of sale material branding refers to those sign elements that are positioned at points where buying decisions are made. They serve to influence the buying decisions of would – be customers. They are usually found in markets, shopping malls, event/exhibition centers etc.

Items like Gondolas, Roll up Banners, Display Stands, Hanger Pouches, Danglers and Bunties fall into this category.

Promotional items, sometimes called swag, are products, often branded with a logo or slogan, used in marketing and communication programs. They are given away to promote a company, corporate image, brand, or event at trade shows, conferences, and as part of guerrilla marketing campaigns. Such items include pens, jotters, diaries, mugs, caps, tee shirts, calendars etc.

They help to remind users of the brand being expressed and as such the brand immediately comes to mind when a buying decision is to be made.

Our detailed Our Gallery members will work with you on the provision or manufacturing of these items and we promise you that your demands will not only be met but surpassed.

Awards and Recognition

Organizations and institutions like to appreciate their members who have distinguished themselves in one area or the other. This they do, not necessarily by giving them cash rewards but by giving them awards. This can come in the form of trophies, Wooden Plaques, beautifully designed Acrylic plaques as well aesthetically pleasing Crystals.

We manufacture theses products with your details carefully inscribed on them.


Vehicle Branding

Research has shown that expressing your brand on a vehicle especially one that is frequently on the move goes a long way in entrenching such brands in minds of the public. We have the requisite experience and technology to deliver on all your vehicle branding needs, starting from design to printing an d application.